Calm for Kids Essence
Psychic Julia George

Calm for Kids Essence

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Everybody need to protect their energy. Especially children.

This essence has been especially formulated for children to help them ground. Calm for Kids also helps with sleep disturbances and nightmares. This a very gentle formula to help kids feel empowered.

Calm for Kids is a flower essence for kids 3 and over. I wish I had this essence as a child, to help ground and have an energetic layer of protection. Kids pick up on many things and especially psychic energy. Anything from sensing someone in the room, to imaginary friends. Oftentimes adults around them don’t know how to lead, especially if they grew up in a household where those things were feared.

An empowering gentle essence for children, along with some storytelling about energy.

+++ a free PDF will be available to read out to kids to help discuss energy in all its forms.

(Formulated on a non-alcoholic base).